Michael’s Remarks at Drexel’s Spring Luncheon, April 2016

  March 16, 2017

I’m Italian and I like to talk a lot, so I was told to keep this short. But, really it’s an honor to speak today.  My name is Michael Giangiordano, and I am currently a Senior in the LeBow College of Business, with majors in Finance and Economics, enrolled in the 4-year Co-Op program. I am honored to be here, and just wanted to thank everyone for their continued support of the University, its programs, and of course, students such as myself.

At a time when many universities focus on just making sure students graduate, and ensuring that they are simply just doing what is expected of them. Drexel is different. As I mentioned, I come from a very large and noisy Italian family and we are very close. When I first thought about college, I thought that the professor and student were distant from each other. They just lectured to you and that was it. I found that to be very different when I visited here and ended up coming here. The word that comes to mind is family. We are very much a family and the alumni are a big part of that family. You see the impact that alumni have on our great university from supporting co-ops, to sponsoring sports and activities, and impacting students’ lives through scholarship. But besides these – there are many more!

Each individual in this room, has helped create a unique experience, which exceeds expectations, for a student here at this University, that is more than just the syllabus and textbook. For these students, like myself, it is sometimes easy to take this amazing campus and community for granted. I’d like to share a few examples that I have experienced and seen around campus.

As a business student, I can truly say that Gerri C. LeBow Hall has done wonders for the college. From the ability to reserve rooms to collaborate with other students, or the ability to simply hop on the elevator, and visit a professor, or even the dean, is just incredible. The inclusion of state-of-the-art technology, such as the ability to video chat with other students and faculty all over the world, helps students learn to use these tools before entering the workplace. I see this building as a second home. There are named spaces for alumni who helped make the building possible and students see that throughout the building. The faculty is incredible, the staff is friendly, and the energy in the air compels you to want to achieve as much as possible. It truly is a family.

Many schools support entrepreneurial ventures for students, but not as many come close to having a school of entrepreneurship. In about a month I will be launching my own business, a tech company called Rental Rater. It will be the tenant rating websites for residential rentals. This could not have been possible without the support that the university and alumni have given to me. Alumni support numerous entrepreneurial programs. One is the Dean’s Student Advisory Board mentoring program in LeBow where I was paired with an alumnus and she and her husband have been a great asset in supporting this entrepreneurial venture.

This short list does not even begin to touch the hundreds of other areas that individuals such as yourselves have contributed to this University that help to further the unique experiences that students here are Drexel. I myself am a student donor at the University, I have received a scholarship from the Alumni Association, and even serve as the Senior Class Gift Chair of the Student Philanthropy Council. While some students may think that scholarships are the biggest part of what long-time donors such as yourselves do, I hope that they too can see how every unique experience, is somehow made possible by the support of the Drexel community, starting with the people in this room. I hope to be standing in your shoes one day soon, supporting students just as you do.

I hope that these stories can serve as a humble thank you on behalf of the student body. Thanks again for having me here today, and enjoy the rest of the reception.


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